You provide a service to your customers, and those customers communicate their experience to the world through an online medium, often online reviews. These reviews contribute to the digital portfolio of every business.

Aside from building customer trust and helping with SEO, Google’s listings of a company or product in search can now include reviews and ratings.

More than 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision. Online reviews are no joke, and there are many situations businesses need to avoid.

Online reviews are increasingly important, both to consumers and businesses. More and more consumers are adapting to consult online reviews before making any purchasing decisions.

In the olden days, personal recommendations were the key to influence a buyer’s decisions, but because we now live in a digital world, today these decisions are influenced by online reviews.

People trust online reviews as closely as personal recommendations, and as the stats have revealed, sometimes more. Online reviews play a huge role in getting customers to research a product or service, and research is the first step toward a buying decision.

What will you do to get reviews for your business?

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