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Dear Offline Marketer

We all know trying to convince offline clients that you are the bee's knees when it comes to marketing their business is hard work.

Been there, done that and got the proverbial t-shirt.

We tried our hand with selling website design ... FAILED!
We tried our hand with selling videos ... FAILED!
We tried our hand with selling SEO ... FAILED!  

We even bought the latest shiny new Facebook Ads course and spent $1000+ in ad campaigns but never saw that money again... BIG FAIL.

The Simple Fact Is Businesses Should Be Throwing Their Cash At You Begging For Your Help... But They Don't...

You know they need your services. Their Google local listing is not ranking, their Facebook audience is too small, their website needs a facelift, and yet they refuse to hire your company to fix their problems.

The reason they don't buy from you right away, no matter how good your sales pitch, is they don't trust you, and if they don't trust you they will never spend one cent on your services.

The fact is, local businesses are being hit dozens of times per day from people just like you; offering the same old, same old marketing services. As far as they are concerned you're just another sleazy salesman trying to "empty their wallets".

So how do you get you foot in the door without coming across as that sleazy salesman?
Give And Ye Shall Receive…
The Law of Reciprocity.

The law of reciprocity means that if someone gives something to you, you feel obligated to return the favor.

Why? Because they now like and trust you..

So how can the law of reciprocity help YOU get your foot in the door?

You could offer them a mobile website or a free QR code. The problem is the majority of local businesses have already been offered these services before.

To make your business stand out from the crowd you need to offer a service that ...

Your Client Desperately NEEDS...
Is Quick To Set Up...
Is Cheap To Run...
So What Is Txt Me Local?

Txt Me Local is a new reputation marketing software that will help you overcome the trust factor you currently don't have with your prospects.

Give Txt Me Local away free for the first 30 days, show your clients how it can easily build a five star reputation for their business, and they will buy any other product or service you have and be your client for life.
If First Impressions Count... How Important Is Your
Client's Online Reputation For Their Business?
First impressions really do count, especially online...

If your client has bad reviews on sites like Google & Yelp it doesn't give off the right message to their website visitors - Potential customers will never contact your client and will leave faster than the arrived.

When it comes down to it, online reputation is just as important as their product or service.

Let me explain...

You client may have the best products or services in the industry, but unless they can present their business in the best possible way on review sites like Google and Yelp they won't amount to anything. Leaving their product or service sitting on the shelf, wasting away as their bad reputation loses them sales.

But creating a five star reputation is hard.

Getting customers to leave reviews on Google or Yelp is hard. You can create fancy emails or even color flyers but actually getting them to leave a review is a whole new ball game.

That's why we created Txt Me Local.

Txt Me Local enables you to create text campaigns for your potential clients using a fast & fully flexible review funnel, together with a state of the art text messaging system that will automate the posting of reviews totally on autopilot. Think it sounds difficult? Well what if I told you that... If you can cut and can create an SMS review campaign in minutes, Check it out for yourself!
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Because It's So Simple to Use...
Offering reputation management on it's own is not enough. What your clients need is a system to deliver those reviews, direct to sites like Google and Yelp with minimal effort.

Using postcards or emailing customers didn't achieve the result we expected, so we combined our reputation marketing software with a new SMS messaging platform to produce a service that delivers reviews right where your client needs them, direct from their customer's mobile phones.
Why Combine SMS Messages With Reputation Marketing?
The world is going mobile. You only have to look at the amount of mobile users and the open rate SMS messages get compared to email, to see that combining reputation marketing and SMS can deliver the results your client needs to build a five star reputation online.
Here Are Just A Few Of The Powerful Features...
Unlimited Clients...
Each account comes with it's own dedicated phone number and unlimited keywords.

Use one keyword for each client or two, or even three because you have unlimited, yes that's unlimited keywords....

Video or Text Review Form...

Build a video or plain text review form for your client, it's your choice. Each review form is mobile friendly so will load quickly on any compatible mobile device.

Based on the customer's chosen star rating they are either redirected to leave a review on the site of your choice or redirected to a submission form to leave a comment. Comment can be emailed directly to your client for them to follow up.
Unlimited SMS Autoresponders...
Each keyword comes with unlimited SMS autoresponders. Set it up once and let the SMS autoresponders follow up with your client's customers totally on autopilot.

Get more reviews for your client on sites like Google and Yelp...

Scheduled Messages...

Schedule messages to go out to one or all subscribers in a list. Simply type your message, choose the list, the time and date to send and click go. It's as easy as that..
Email Notification
Based on your review form settings, any bad reviews are filtered and sent to your client. You client can then follow up with the customer to fix the problem before the customer leaves a review on Google...
Even More Features
Collect and manage your personal and professional contacts and engage your audience for sales.
At the heart of an SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send Bulk SMS messages to your subscribers
Collect and manage your personal and professional contacts and engage your audience for sales.
Follow up with subscribers to get them to leave reviews, fill in polls or just offer them an extra discount for being a valued customer..
Build mobile friendly web pages directly in our software to ensure your content is formatted correctly for mobile devices.
Full SMS analytics to see where your messages is being most effective.

Here's How You Can Get Started Right Away

Offer to help local businesses get an unlimited amount of reviews to sites like Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor for FREE for the first 30 days.

Show them that by using our system they can push any bad reviews so far down the page no one will ever see them.

Once they become a paying customer offer them your other products and services like website design, social media management, mobile app design.

The income from reputation marketing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making money by providing marketing services to local businesses.

Tools Of The Trade…

We aim to provide all the software you will need to build and promote your offline business. We have included the following software which are all available on JV Zoo from $47 per month, yours today for FREE

FB Auto-Connect Pro...

Combine the power of an autoresponder with Facebook and you have the secret to massive list building. Collect real email addresses using the data Facebook collects from their users. Truly powerful when list building.
$47 Per Month On JVZoo Saving $564 Per Year
FB Autopost Pro...
New cruise control button for automated Facebook profits. Post fresh content to your Facebook fan pages totally on autopilot.

$47 Per Month On JVZoo Saving $564 Per Year
FB Pixel Pro...
The most powerful Facebook retargeting software ever created to infiltrate facebook ad platform. Increase traffic immediately boosting your ROI by up to 60%. Normally $67 On JV Zoo
Social Redirect Pro...
Secret to 85% fan engagement on Facebook & twitter with simple little images. Post clickable images to Facebook. Normally $67 On JV Zoo
Mobile App...
Your own personal iPhone & Android App with unlimited push messages to keep your clients updated on your services.

Send your client free useful marketing information on a weekly/monthly basis to pre sell your other offline services.

 Normally $97 + $29 per month

Let Me Ask You This Question…

 Are you willing to make this tiny investment to get tens if not hundreds of new offline clients? This is really a no-brainer, when you consider you can give this service away for free to potential clients and build that trust you need to sell them your other services.

Just one new client can pay for this whole service ten times over. It doesn't get any better than that!

It really is a win/win situation for each and every one of our subscribers. The sooner you subscribe the sooner you can get started! Click the "get started now" button below for the only tool you will need to get your foot in the door with hundreds of offline clients.

You will get instant access to our members area where you can start making real money with offline clients right away.
Txt Me Local is the final piece in the puzzle to getting hundreds of verified reviews for your clients pushing your monthly repeat income through the roof.

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Here's What You Get When You Order Today:
Unlimited Clients - There are other similar services that charge up to $20 per client you add to your account. This can turn out expensive if you have 20+ clients
Fully White Label - Your client's will never know you are using our review system as all our review forms can be embedded on your site 
Dedicated phone number - You have your own dedicated phone number so no need to worry about running our of keywords to use. Use as many keywords you like for each client to gather reviews or generate leads, your choice
Unlimited SMS Autoresponders - Follow up with your clients prospects with unlimited follow up autoresponders. Send a request for a review, ask customers to share your clients Facebook fan page or even tweet to their friends
Email Review Filter - Funnel bad reviews away from review sites like Google and Yelp with an automated email sent to your client if a bad review is left in our system giving your client a chance to fix the problem before it esculates
Email Review Filter - Funnel bad reviews away from review sites like Google and Yelp with an automated email sent to your client if a bad review is left in our system giving your client a chance to fix the problem before it esculates
Easy To Build Review Funnel - Build a mobile friendly Video or text review form to gather unlimited reviews for your client's review listings
Up to 1000 SMS Messages Per Month - Spread your SMS messages across your client's
Plus These Amazing Bonuses
FB Autoconnect Pro Value $47 PM - FB Auto Connect Pro v3 integrates with your current auto responder with a few clicks of the mouse that allows you to collect emails and data to laser target your list
FB Autopost Pro Value $47 PM - FB Auto Post Pro is the ultimate solution to take care of posting ads and posts on Facebook fan pages as they come already made through an automated system
FB Pixel Pro Value $67 - The most powerful PPC retargeting software to infiltrate the Facebook as platform. Increase your ROI by up to 60%
Social Redirect Pro Value $67 - Powerful System to Send Your Facebook , Twitter & Google Plus Fans Directly to the URL of Your Choice
iPhone & Android App - Keep in touch with your clients with weekly or monthly messages to keep them updates or pre-sell your other marketing services
Create your 7 day free trial with no upfront payments. Watch the how too videos, play around with the software until you are satisfied you want to upgrade.

Upgrade to purchase your local USA, Canadian or UK number and get all the above with 1000 SMS messages per month (500 for UK) but please note by upgrading you agree to our T&C that there are NO REFUNDS.
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P.P.S Go ahead and look around because you won't find a better more affordable way to get your foot in the door by offering a service for FREE. Order right now!
Have A Question...? Ask One Of Our Experts
Q. What countries do you cover?

A. Due to the cost of sending SMS messages with Twillio we can only cover the USA, Canada and UK
Q. How many sms messages do I get per month?

A.  1000 for USA & Canada 500 for the UK. It is much more expensive to send messages to the UK hence the same cost but less sms credits to use.
Q. How many credits do I get per client?

A. You get up to 1000 sms credits in your account which is spread across the messages you use for your clients. Some clients use more, some use less so we thought it would be fairer to give you a block of credits to use across your account rather than an individual client.
Q. What happens if I am running out of credits half way through the month?

A.  You can always purchase more credits for your account from $0.02 per credit. Just contact our support desk to arrange a top up.
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